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About Us


Evoligence - We are a growing technology company. We assist you to increase your ROI through utilizing the cutting-age technology in an effective and efficient way.

Whether you are a Startup in search of mentor/strategic partner, a Tech Enterprise seeking out a technology companion or a Non-IT company looking for IT Solutions/Services, we are the right fit for you.

Our management has decades of combined experience in managing teams and delivering successful IT projects across different countries like United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Our experience of working with diversified people enable us to manage expectations of our customers while working as an Offshore and Onshore Partner.

We provide full range of software engineering services to help you grow your business at a sustainable pace.

Our Experienced and Certified Project Managers understand every technical detail to utilize best methodology for the overall success of projects.

We, at Evoligence can help you in designing, implementing & executing automated testing strategies and operational plans using various automation tools and frameworks.

We at Evoligence, help you to focus on your main business without having to worry about managing technology.

We, at Evoligence, help you & your staff in improving your professional competence and skills by conducting various training programs and workshops.



We strongly believe in building long-term mutually beneficial relationships based on trust and respect.


We at Evoligence believe in nurturing an environment that promotes creativity & team work. Great ideas coming together to collaborate & create innovative solutions.


We encourage our teams to look out for options how to experiment rapidly, frequently and economically and come up with best suitable solutions.


We believe in promoting an environment where people take initiative with end-to-end responsibility, resulting in ambition and higher quality with productivity.


We believe a simple approach to problem solving is the best way to solve complex problems. Our philosophy resonates with working hard to get a clean thinking to make things simple.


We love what we do! For us, nothing is as important as Passion. Our philosophy is “Do it with Passion or Not at all”.


“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” - Mike Tyson.

We believe Experimentation over Elaborate Planning, Customer Feedback over Intuition, and Iterative Design over Traditional Development – Big Design Up front.
We follow the Lean Startup Approach to deliver innovative and successful solutions in quick time.